As a pregnant and postpartum family, there is so much that comes up and many brilliant care providers in the East Bay to support you. Here is a list of some trusted providers, and certainly more are available as I learn your family and your needs!


      Amy Mitchell @ Mitchell Family Acupuncture

      Traci Moren @ Full Moon Acupuncture

Birth Doula 

      Lindsey Stern Beallo

      Liz Finkel

      Linda Jones

      Britt Urban

      Sarah Hamilton

Birth Photographer

      Melissa @ Melissa Bartlett Photography

      Julia @ Julia Christina Photography

      Emmalaine @ Emmalaine Berry Photography

Childbirth Education

      Childbirth Ed for Out-of-Hospital Birth-ers

      Loving Arms

      Zann with Bradley Method

      Anna Hurty @ Birth Garden


       Kenda and Armene @ Awaken Chiropractic

       Ariel Provasoli @ Flow Chiropractic

Craniosacral Therapy

      Anna Whalen @ Bodywork for Babies

      Andrea Byers

EMDR and Birth Trauma Healing

      Gena McArthy

      Phyllis Klaus

Lactation Consultant 

      Paula Santi

      La Leche League of Berkeley/Oakland

Massage Therapy 

      Meadow Evans @ Grey Crane

      Glow Birth & Body


      Natashia Fuksman

      Robyn Alagona

      Rae Mountz

Mother’s Groups 

      Postpartum Circles @ Oakland Birth + Wellness

      Oakland Mom2Mom Group

      Then Comes Baby


      Kate Artibee @ Sactuary Pilates

      Debbie Lai Movement

Debbie’s Prenatal Posture Guide

Debbie’s Postpartum Posture Guide


      Torrey Mansur



Pediatrician - Dr. Adrienne Ritter

Naturopathic Pediatrician - Tara Natural Medicine

Pelvic Floor Specialist

      Melinda or Julia @ Pelvic Pain and Rehabilitation Center

      Karen Hodges

      Giorgia Hoyer-Fisher

Postpartum Doula 

      Linda Jones

      Laura Howells

      Abby Krumbein 

Postpartum Mental Health Support

      Postpartum Support International

      Perinatal Psychotherapy Services

      Maternal Outreach Mood Services

Postpartum Depression Resource

Placenta Encapsulation

      Anna Hurty @ Birth Garden

Resources About Homebirth

Want to learn more about homebirth and midwifery care? Here are some resources to send incredulous friends or family members...or to help support your decision making!

Lisa Lang Reports on Birth

The Midwives Alliance of North America Statistics Project

Why Not Home? The Surprising Birth Choices of Doctors and Nurses

New England Journal of Medicine - Report on UK vs. US in Birth

Benefits of an Undisturbed Hour After Birth

Midwives and Global Health

A Family's Choice to Have a Homebirth

What Does Homebirth Look Like?