Birth tubs are a wonderful resource in labor for helping you to let go of tension and ease pain. 

I offer two different types of birth tubs – one heated and one unheated. Both tub options will comfortably fit two adults.

More details on the two types of tubs and logistics for tub rentals below.

Your Two Tub Options:



The Aqua Doula is a firm-sided tub with a floor heating element to keep the water warm. Some choose to add pool noodles to the edges to make a softer resting place.

Diameter is 4’6” round.

The AquaDoula can be set up prior to labor and left out without possibility of damage.

Rental Fee: $250

La Bassine


La Bassine is a soft-sided blow-up tub without a heating element. It’s necessary to keep hot water available to keep the temperature up.

Dimensions 65” by 53” oval.

La Bassine should not be left inflated for the days prior to labor as this can cause damage.

Rental Fee: $150


  • You will receive your tub in the 37th week of pregnancy and schedule the return after your birth
  • Your birth tub package comes with a sterile liner, a clean hose for filling the tub, and a sump pump for emptying the tub. You will need to use a hose from your home to empty the tub, as the water is no longer clean
  • Includes free delivery and pick-up within the East Bay (up to 10 miles from Berkeley)
  • Cleaning your birth tub is your responsibility, however for a $75 fee I can include cleaning with pickup

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me.