"Morgan delivered my daughter at home and oversaw my pregnancy with such amazing love and care. I've never met a sweeter person and I'm so thankful to have found her. I'm honored and blessed that she delivered my little one. I felt safe, I felt loved, and I felt that my thoughts and feelings genuinely mattered. She was a god send during labor; to look up between contractions and have her smiling face there, encouraging me on. I get teary eyed just thinking of it. Morgan is amazing!"

Nicole from Antioch, mama to Evelyn


"I can't say enough praise for Morgan and would definitely recommend her to anyone as a compassionate, knowledgeable midwife!  When I first mentioned homebirth to my husband, he was completely against the idea.  I talked him into meeting with midwives, and Morgan was able to put him completely at ease and change his mind!  Throughout my entire pregnancy, she was a calm, reassuring presence.  She answered all of my questions thoroughly and explained the pros and cons of all pregnancy-related treatments so we could make an informed decisions.  During the birth of our son, she was a lifesaver!  She knew when to sit back and let my mom and husband attend to me, but also when to step in to help out with pain management techniques or a soothing word.  She helped create the serene, welcoming environment I wanted to welcome my new son into the world.

Post birth, she was amazing at all of our follow-up appointments.  Again, she answered all of our questions, showing concern and putting my first time mom fears to rest.  She provided high quality support during this amazing time of transition in my life."  

-Heidi from Pittsburg, mama to Ezekiel


"I was told when looking for a midwife to "choose someone you would want to have coffee with" as most are capable at their jobs. I found this in Morgan. She is such a sweet, genuine, nurturing soul. It's obvious she has a deep passion for babies, and their parents. 

She was a constant throughout my entire pregnancy and labor. I ended up having a very long and difficult labor that eventually ended with me in the hospital and Morgan was with me through all of it, I don't know when the poor girl even slept or ate, I just remember her being present when I needed her. Her calm and confident demeanor gave me security when I needed it most. 

While at the hospital and in the end stage of labor I felt like I was in a dark tunnel struggling to find the way through and with a room full of people talking and yelling things AT me, her voice and words were what I heard right next to me guiding me through. 

It's funny how you become connected to your midwife in a way I can never describe. It feels like they've been with you through a lifetime in those short months. I am so grateful to have been connected to Morgan for this process. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for the remarkable woman who helped me bring the most precious thing into this world."

- Paige from Hayward, mama to Soren


"It is my pleasure to highly recommend the amazing Morgan West, as the most incredible midwife in the Bay! She is attentive, loving, knowledgeable and calm. She was present at both my births. She was like a pillar of strength and wisdom for me. She also came to our home and helped with the follow-up care of our sweet babes. She answered all our questions with such ease; she was tremendously reassuring during those first moments of parenthood.  

Morgan has a gift with mamas and babies. And she's good with daddies, too! Our whole family was so happy Morgan was there with us to usher our children into this world. She understands the birth process profoundly and is there to assist you during this most intense and challenging time of your life.  

If you are looking for someone who will be there for you and your baby, look no further. Morgan West is the midwife for you! My heart and womb are eternally grateful for her loving care.  

Blessings to all mamas on this life changing journey into motherhood."

- Colleen from Berkeley, mama to Francisco and Ignatius


"My first birth was terribly traumatic--5 days of labor, 3 hours of pushing, 0 joy. I was so scared to do it again, I knew I needed help. I knew I made the right decision when Morgan came over for our fist prenatal visit. My 5 year old was so excited and Morgan included him in everything. She let him listen to the heart, feel the baby, she patiently answered all of his questions and asked him questions about it to. He looked forward to her visits and every time he asked, "what else can I do?" Morgan found some new way to include him.

I noticed a shift in myself around 8 months when I moved from being horrified at the prospect of another labor, to feeling like I could do this. I don't know if it was Morgan's encouraging check ups that always ended with, "everything looks great, you are strong, this birth will be different," or if it was talking through my vision of a better birth with her, or if it was the general calm and excitement she brought to every check up, but I shifted and felt ready to deliver. 

When the time came, I felt so confident in early labor and when I was in active labor, losing my confidence and freaking out a bit at the pain, Morgan stayed calm, by my side and kept repeating mantras like, "your body knows how to do this, you are doing it". 

We had the birth we wanted and I couldn't have done it without Morgan. And to top it off, we got to continue to have Morgan come support us, encourage us and most importantly check on my healing right at home. I think Morgan was born to do this work. She is everything we needed in a midwife--coach, friend, support, knowledgeable, honest, and so kind. I can't recommend her highly enough."

-Emma from Oakland, mama to Lance and Malcolm


"Morgan supported us during our pregnancy and during the birth of our first child. She is incredibly compassionate and caring person. With the calm that surrounds her, as well as her kind and positive energy she was able to support and guide us through our first pregnancy and birth. She is amazing!"

- Sergeja from Oakland, mama to Patrick


"If I could have stolen Morgan to make her move in with us and be with us every second after the birth of our son, I would. 

We gave birth to our first child this past July at Pacifica Birthing Center, where Morgan was helping fill in for the summer. While I was nervous about being cared for by someone we hadn't worked with throughout our pregnancy, Morgan turned out to have the most welcome presence we could have imagined. She came to our house for the first few days after our birth and was so warm and loving to all three of us. She was patient and thorough in her care, and most importantly for us, she offered her phone number and gave us support when we needed it as we transitioned into the world of parenthood. I was so grateful every time I saw her name pop up on my phone, and was always relieved by her replies. 

Should we be lucky enough to eventually have another child, we would be more than thrilled to have Morgan be a part of that journey, and we would absolutely recommend her to anyone."

- Jillian from Berkeley, mama to Wyatt


"I cannot recommend Morgan’s Blessingway services highly enough! I wanted a Blessingway very much, but I was concerned that my friends didn’t have the same vision that I did. I wasn’t sure how to get my vision and values around the ceremony across to my friends who were the planners. Morgan offered her help and I jumped at the chance. We held a little meeting and she came prepared to guide the whole conversation. She asked very specific questions of me and in doing so was able to completely grasp what I was picturing and needing from the ceremony. Every detail of the night itself was perfect and special. She decorated the space beautifully and even brought little meditation cushions for everybody to sit on! We were able to leave the decorations up to make the space special for our homebirth. If you want a meaningful Blessingway to help usher you into birth and motherhood hire Morgan!"

- Lucy from Berkeley, mama to Nuria