Midwifery Care with Hummingbird Midwifery is a wonderful option for families in the Bay Area who want a safe, joyful, and empowered birth experience. Morgan West and Evaly Long, California-Licensed Midwives and nationally Certified Professional Midwives, are here to support you throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

If you’re here seeking a care provider for your pregnancy, birth and beyond, who you trust and are excited to work with, read on and let’s set up a conversation to see if we’re a fit.

Morgan has a gift with mamas and babies. And she’s good with daddies, too! Our whole family was so happy Morgan was there with us to usher our children into this world. She understands the birth process profoundly and is there to assist you during this most intense and challenging time of your life.
— Colleen from Berkeley

The Wisdom of Homebirth 

Around the world and for most of human history, birth has been a community event where grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and aunts helped usher the next generation into the world with love, compassion, and skill.

Sadly, in America, much of this tradition has been lost.

The midwifery movement is about inviting trust in the wisdom and strength that resides in our bodies. This is offered through the support of a trusted and skilled provider who is available to personalize health care to fit the needs of the individual, respectfully and joyfully. Over the years, it has been demonstrated that families cared for within this model and philosophy have far more positive outcomes.

The midwifery care model values education and fully-informed choice, which means clients are prompted to ask the questions needed to make sound decisions about their health care.

Through a deep collaboration between midwife and family, we create an experience of respect and trust that honors the sacredness of bringing new life into this world while maintaining health and safety for all.

Exploring Your Midwifery Options

The hummingbird resonated in your likeness. They are swift and adaptable. They bring joy and beauty. They speak intelligently and are playful, like feathered fairies who bring magic. Thank you for your magic!
— Note from a client

Thank you for considering working with us as your midwives! It would be an honor to support you through your birth experience. Click here to learn more about working with Morgan and Evaly.

When choosing a midwife, an important part of the decision is finding a mutual fit. We want you to feel comfortable and at home in the presence of your midwives, and to be able to imagine giving birth with their support and guidance. Click the button below to set up an interview to explore whether we would be a good fit for you and your family.